Brand: ElectraLeaf

ElectraLeaf - Cannolis


Cannolis (Hybrid) Introducing Cannoli’s - a captivating hybrid strain born from a cross of Horchata (bred by Compound Genetics) x Cookies and Cream (bred by Exotic Genetix). With a complex fragrance featuring sweet cream, warm spices, and earthy undertones, this strain delights the senses and delivers a delectable flavor profile. Cannoli’s offers a multi-dimensional high that inspires creativity and relaxation. It gently uplifts the mind while easing tension and promoting calmness in the body. Its therapeutic benefits make it a versatile option for alleviating stress, anxiety, and mild physical discomfort. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for patients throughout the day, but high doses may induce sleep. While it is more calming than energizing, Cannoli’s pairs well with evening activities and stimulating conversations among friends, making it a delight for those seeking a laidback feel.



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