Brand: Back Home Cannabis Co.

Gorilla Glue

HybridTHC:21% - 21.5%

Hybrid THC 21.5% "Gorilla Glue is a classic strain with high THC. For what it lacks in looks, it doubles in potency. This strain is extra sticky upon breaking up and will be a heavy hitter for every smoker." Glue, cured, chemical free, earthy, much love, small farm, small batch



About the brand :
Back Home Cannabis Co.

Back Home Cannabis Co. grows their premium cannabis under an organic management plan that practices crop rotation, cover cropping, no use of synthetic chemicals and is hand harvested, trimmed, and cured. In return the cannabis plant can fully express itself under its most natural conditions. The flower is cured to perfection, high in terpenes, and a powerful medicine for all to enjoy.


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