Packwraps - Sweet

Packwraps, Bio, and Twisted Wraps collaborated to launch a three in one Wrap Kit to fit every user needs. Pack like the pros with this ultra-premium leaf wrap that is Tob. and Nic. free designed to mimic the properties of a natural leaf. The Packwood leaf was designed to stay fresher longer, burns slowly and has a fresh taste while still giving you that signature natural leaf feel. Our Packwraps’s kit is sold with a reusable glass tip that is made in the USA by BIO with medical grade borosilicate glass. Our glass filter tip is engineered for a cool draw and filters out large particles. The Pro Packer XL tool is there to help you pack like pro no matter your skill level. Each Wrap is hand crafted, and machine cut in a whale tail shape to prevent the classic canoeing issue and ensure an even burn throughout the entire session. Included with Purchase: One Display of Packwraps x Twisted Flavored Wraps, each pack comes with 2 leaves, a glass filter tip, roller tool, a blister package that doubles as a rolling tray, and the outer packaging can also be used as a tray.


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