Brand: Green Meadows

Pine Soul | Green Meadows


Hybrid | Sativa Freezer Burn x Lemon Tree This sativa-leaning hybrid is a perfect fit for anyone searching for an earthy, citrusy, smooth smoke. Bred by Cannarado by crossing Freezer Burn x Lemon Tree, Pine Soul has an energetic high that is perfect for a day time consumer. Cultivated organically, this heavy hitter has a strong terpene profile featuring limonene and pinene.



About the brand :
Green Meadows

Green Meadows was originally founded in Massachusetts in 1981 by the family of General George S. Patton. The community-supported farm provided organic produce to the local community, and served as a patriotic center that raised money and awareness for issues impacting our nation’s veterans. Now owned and operated by his descendants, a heritage of organic agriculture and public service drives Green Meadows' passion to provide the highest quality cannabis grown in living soil at their headquarters in Southbridge, MA.


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