Brand: Dab FX

Sour Kush Crumble | Dab FX


Sour Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Sour Diesel x OG Kush that blasts down into a potent energizing concentrate. Its terpene profile is true to its name, rich with sour lemon and lime notes backed by pungent fuel. This is a clean hitting dab that brings the funk in both flavor and smell. Users describe Sour Kush’s effects as uplifting, energizing, and giggly. Users also report a renewed sense of focus after enjoying this strain. For a traditional rig, it is best to load your dab and start heating it at 400f until the crumble begins to puddle, then place the cap on your banger and inhale as the puddle releases the high potency vapor. We suggest a finish temperature between 500 - 550 degrees, to get the full active cannabinoid experience without leaving those dark spots behind on your rig.


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